Root Canal Treatment (Microendodontics)

Microendodontics is root canal treatment under the microscope. When Dr. Bartakke does root canal treatment under the magnified view of the Operating Surgical Microscope, he can see better and work faster thus enabling the root canal treatment to be started and finished in a single or one sitting.
The quality of treatment and success rates is said to be higher in single-visit root canal when compared to a multiple-visit root canal treatment.

Since every step (locating the root canal orifice, preparing and cleaning the canal to filling the root canal) is performed with the aid of the microscope, the end result is the following:
– Greater accuracy and precision
– Very high quality and efficient work
– High success rate
– Save time – single sitting root canal treatment
– Save money in long term

Identification of unexplored canal under the Operating Surgical Microscope

Root canal treatment is the treatment of the root canals of a tooth. The nerves and blood vessels in the canals and pulp chamber of the tooth keep the tooth alive. Under the root canal treatment, the nerves and blood vessels in the pulp and root canals of the tooth are taken out, cleaned, disinfected and replaced with a biocompatible material. The root can have one or many canals. It can be done in a single sitting or multiple sittings.

The root canal treatment is done in order to save the tooth instead of opting for tooth extraction. It is important to try and preserve a healthy tooth as it gives great support while chewing and grinding food.



When a tooth is decayed over a long period of time or been root canal (endodontically) treated, the tooth crown is usually mutilated and needs to be reconstructed to function properly and to look esthetically acceptable. After root canal treatment, the tooth is normally not strong enough to withstand strong biting forces. To strengthen the tooth, we put a screw post in one or more of the canals. On top of the post, the core of the tooth is built. This core forms the base of the final restoration.

CASE 2 - Reconstruction after Root Canal Treatment

The screw post along with core reconstruction assumes more importance in teeth that are badly mutilated with caries or fracture. The screw post can be made of glass – reinforced resin or metal or alloy. The core material is usually resin material, which is strong and durable to withstand the masticatory forces. The core build up is prepared to receive a crown. While the permanent crown is being fabricated in the dental laboratory, a temporary one is provided for protection of the tooth and function.
Once the permanent crown comes, it is cemented on the tooth restoring esthetics and function to the tooth


Apart from the normal root canals, the microscope is most effectively used for treating special problems relating to the root canal treatment:

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