Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic treatment can be done to acquire a better smile or get rid of stains, repair fractured teeth, close gaps (diastema), replace missing teeth, untwist crooked or misaligned teeth.
Every cosmetic treatment requires thorough planning, as the teeth have to be made in harmony with facial features, gender and color of the skin. A sound healthy dentition is the base of a beautiful smile.

A beautiful smile is what everybody would like to have. Smile designing has become one of the most common dental procedures in a dental office. Apart from the conventional cosmetic treatment of capping/ crowning of the teeth, we have a modern conservative minimal invasive approach for cosmetic treatment like cosmetic bonding veneers and porcelain veneers.Many times, whitening alone can solve the concern or may be used as an adjunct to cosmetic treatment. Good cleaning and polishing (regular oral prophylaxis) is important, as clean teeth are a must before any cosmetic treatment. Tooth jewellery can add some sparkle to a smile.

We help our patients to decide about the treatment through the procedures mentioned below:
Cosmetic simulation:

Case 1

With the help of Cosmetic Imaging or simulation, patients can see their more appealing smile. After taking a portrait photograph with smile, changes are made in the shape, size, colour and alignment of the teeth and/or gums to enhance the smile that could be the end result of the cosmetic treatment.


‘Impressions or records’ of the mouth are taken on the basis of which stone models of the teeth are made. The teeth on the cast model are corrected as required in the modeling wax. The patient is shown how his/her teeth are going to look after the treatment.

Mock up

One can actually see and feel what one could look like after one’s cosmetic treatment even before the treatment starts. If the patient approves, the treatment takes place. And the patient is happy with a well-planned, beautiful smile.

Cosmetic treatment just doesn’t refer to good anterior teeth. Posterior teeth with caries or black or unaesthetic fillings ruin the smile or look of the mouth. For complete cosmetic and healthy set of teeth, read more on Invisible Restorations.

Patients who are undergoing or plan to undergo (orthodontic treatment) link should show themselves to a cosmetic dentist. The results of the combination of orthodontic treatment and cosmetic treatment are amazing; certain orthodontic problems can be sorted out by cosmetic treatment alone.

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