Whitening of Teeth

Whitening of the teeth is the most common and least invasive procedure to boost one’s smile.
Whitening of teeth or bleaching of teeth is most effective when done under the supervision of a dentist or done by the dentist. We design a tooth whitening program that is most appropriate for an individual patient. The concentration of whitening or bleaching material, the time required for producing nice pearly white teeth varies according to the extent of discoloration of the teeth. The results vary from person to person. A customized program in a patient’s treatment schedule will give one the right results.

CASE 1 - Whitening

We do whitening of the patient’s teeth if he/she is dissatisfied with the color of his or her teeth or it is required to enhance the patient’s look. It is sometimes a prerequisite in cosmetic treatment.

Whitening is done through two methods or a combination of both depending on the situation of the teeth and the requirements of the patient.

CASE 2 - Whitening

The professional whitening, also known as power whitening is the most powerful form of tooth whitening. After professional cleaning of the teeth, the dentist will put the gel on the gums to protect the soft tissue. Then the whitening material is applied to the teeth, which usually has either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as active ingredient in different concentrations. Once the bleaching material is applied to the teeth, the active ingredient gets broken down and releases the oxygen which penetrates the enamel on the teeth and lightens the tooth color.

At home tooth whitening (dentist- supervised) can be done by the patient. We provide the patients with custom-made whitening trays. The bleaching material is put in the tray and kept in the mouth for a desired time period (preferably at night or in accordance to the patient’s schedule). This process is repeated for a few days to weeks until the desired result of white teeth is achieved.

To get optimal results, please follow the instructions on ‘Whitening sheet’

For very badly stained or deformed teeth, you consider options like:
Smile Designing
Capping/ Crowning
Cosmetic Bonding
Veneers and Porcelain Veneers
Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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