Repair of Fractured teeth

A 10 year old boy came to the clinic with fractured upper central incisors (Pic 1). The right central incisor broke in such a way that the pulp was exposed (Pic 3). Revitalisation of the pulp was done using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate or MTA (Pic 7). The separated fragments were reattached to the respective fractured teeth under the Operating Surgical Microscope.

After 3 months, when the patient came for recall, radiograph (RVG) was taken. On the radiograph one can see the development of apex of root i.e. the tooth vitality has been preserved

Fractured Teeth, Pulp capping with MTA

Trauma and biting on hard things are major causes of fracture of teeth. Fracture of teeth can be of various types.
It can be a crown fracture in which the enamel, dentine and/ or pulp can be affected. Depending on the extent of crown fracture, we do recontouring , or cosmetic resin bonding , or in case of pulp damage, a root canal treatment followed by cosmetic reconstruction of the tooth with the help of veneers or crowns.

crown fracture

A root fracture can be horizontal or vertical. A lot of dentists extract teeth with root fractures. Under the microscope we can try to save the tooth by root resection or microsurgery.