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5 min. walkable distance from Panvel bus depo.

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Train Route

5 min walkable distance from Panvel railway station.

We promised to take care… and delivered

  • Being a dentist myself I knew I needed a lot of dental treatment to be done on myself. I could not be in safer hands than getting treated by Dr. Bartakke. The clinic is of very high standards and has got state of art equipment. The latest equipment and materials used help to carry out the job perfectly. Even though I practice in London but I make sure that any dental treatment on myself is done only by Dr. Bartakke. He has got immense experience in dentistry and I have seen many cases being carried out with great expertise.  I am a great fan of his work. I would like to thank everyone at the clinic and tell them to keep up the good work.

    - Mr. D'Souza, Highly placed Executive, Mumbai

  • Having lived in various different countries over the years I have been forced to see a variety of dentists of varying degrees of professionalism. It is only when I discovered Dr. Bartakke and his team in Mumbai that I have learnt the meaning of professional in terms of dentistry. The extraordinary degree of attention to detail and superb professionalism is something I have not found at any other dentist's surgery. Dr. Bartakke and his team never rush their work. Absolute care and total attention for the patient is paramaount. The latest technology is employed. The costs involved are highly competitive on a global basis although doubtless there may be less expesive practioners in Mumbai.  I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic to even the most demanding of patients.

    Mary Rose , Highly placed Executive, Mumbai

  • They made me change my concept of  DOCTOR to that of "BEST FRIEND / FAMILY MEMBER" at my age of 60 years.

    At Bartakke's Clinic, they Care for my moods, temperament, likes / dislike & weaknesses. Create a homely relaxed atmosphere for me to gearup psychologically to undergo the procedurals. Match my IQ levels to satisfy my queries in friendly manner. Give me their time to my satisfaction.  Have most ultramodern infrastructure needed, competent staff to handle any situation / emergencies, best guidance system for the patient for preventive / post operative care & followup. Have a positive & negative study bank of allied cases handled to share with skeptical persons like me.

    I would like to share with the readers of this testimonial that my old retired friend, a competent dentist from Army checked my implants done at Bartakke?s & the first remark was, It's the best work done - I could not have done better than this! Who has done it?

    I am sure to have earned 10 more years of my active life with utter confidence after the implants by Bartakke's.

    - Lilian Jones, Visitor

  • I had numerous extreme dental problems. The examination in detail, advice, treatment, care, and follow-up -  Excellent ! Perfection! I have now started forgetting I had such serious dental problems.

    - Mr. Brown, Highly placed Executive, Mumbai