Full Mouth Rehabilitation

CASE 1 - Extreme Makeover

Extreme makeover:
Case 1 – The patient came to the clinic with badly mutilated teeth. The anterior teeth needed to be restored. Some teeth were root canal treated and some were restored otherwise. Screw posts were put, core build up was done and teeth were prepared to receive full-ceramic crowns. Removable prosthesis was placed to replace the posterior teeth.

CASE 2 - Extreme Makeover

Case 2 – A case of extreme makeover

Dentures replace the missing teeth
They can be of the following types:
–  Complete dentures – Replace the whole dentition
–  Removable partial dentures – Replace a few missing teeth
– Overlay dentures or overdentures – Different from partial and complete dentures as they take the support of implants or natural teeth. Please click here to read about overdentures or overlay dentures.

CASE 3 - 85 Year Old Lady

Case 3 – 85 year old lady with old anterior prosthesis. With thorough planning, her smile was made nice with aesthetic crowns and removable partial prosthesis.


Case 4 – A gentleman of 58 years of age came to our clinic with complaint of pain in the upper right central incisor. On examination, we found pus coming out on the palatal side (pic 2). The tooth had about 1.5mm bone support (pic 5). He was suffering from periodontitis and had suffered a generalized bone loss and gingival (gum) recession. Due to severe bone loss, the teeth had migrated and were misaligned. On the lower arch, 2nd molars and incisors were missing (pics 7, 8). The patient had a deep bite along with abnormal over jet and required an increase in bite for a good healthy masticatory function and look. There were a few teeth which required root canal treatment and a few which needed to undergo repeat root canal treatment. Microendodontics was performed on the respective teeth. The main treatment consisted of scaling, root planning, flap surgery along with grafting of sterile alloplastic bone in the presence of Platelet Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) (seen in pic 6) in the complete upper arch and the anterior region of lower arch. Two Frialit-2 implants were placed in the lower central incisor region (pic 9, 10, 11 & 12). A few months after healing, cosmetic treatment and prosthodontic rehabilitation (using precious metal fused to ceramic) was performed (pic13). The teeth have been aligned (pic 14). The gum and bone healed rapidly because of use of PRGF and good oral hygiene (pic 16). Restorations over the implants in the lower anterior region and lower posterior region enable good bite.

Some people require major cosmetic and functional changes in most or all teeth. Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a complex procedure which requires

1. Complete Diagnosis which includes
-Communication with patient
-Facial Analysis
-Dentolabial Analysis
-Phonetic Analysis
-Tooth Analysis
-Gingival Analysis
2. In depth Treatment planning may include
Tooth fillings
Root Canal Treatment
Gum Treatment
Crowns and Bridges
Orthodontic Treatment
Complete Dentures
Implant Supported Dentures
3. Perfect Implementation of the Treatment Plan
4. Regular checkups and Maintenance