Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Dentistry over the past 2 decades has undergone a huge revolution. The use of microscope has held an important place in other medical fields like Ophthalmology, Microvascular surgeries, and Neurology for a long time. Both dental surgeons and patients demand for finer and superior quality of dentistry lead to the use of the Microscope in dental field.

There is an immense difference between traditional dental process and dental procedure or surgery performed under focused light of surgical Operating Microscope.

Magnification provided by the Surgical Operation Microscope gives the dentist a clear image. It gives a pronounced 3D effect and exceptionally large depth of field.


A. Use of the Operating Surgical Microscope to perform various dental procedures.

A. The higher magnification (.4x to 2.6x) enables a dental surgeon to see better and more thus enabling the dentist to see details, which in normal course would not have been visible with the naked eye.

The operating microscope gives the dental micro surgeon a

  • Clear magnified image
  • Pronounced 3D effect
  • Exceptionally large depth of field
  • Can see every detail and execute treatment with greater precision

The microscope is very versatile in its application in different dental specialties. It can be used while doing fillings or restorations or root canal treatments or extractions or implant surgeries or cosmetic treatment or crown preparations etc.In every specialty the magnified view is great advantage and provides superior quality work wherever used.

What are the advantages of Microscope Dentistry as compared to naked eye dentistry?

    • Superior quality work
    • Higher success rate of any dental treatment performed – so one doesn’t have to go repeatedly to a dentist for the same procedure or tooth
    • The size of surgical area is reduced.
    • Faster healing of bone and soft tissues after a surgical process
    • Minimal discomfort and damage – Increased power magnification of the microscope enables the dentist to have a better

visibility and he is able to assess abnormalities with far greater precision, thus minimizing tissue damage during surgery or treatment. This enables better and faster healing along with minimal discomfort to the patient.

Definitely, if you can extend the life of your teeth from 2 up to 15 years, why not? The quality of work is far superior than you could have ever imagined. Ask your self, would you want your teeth to last 2 years or 15 years? You will get your answer. Microscope Dentistry is meant for those wanting good quality work and care for their teeth and themselves.

Dr. Satish Bartakke is a trained oral/ dental microsurgeon. He has been trained by the best senior dentists and done professional educational and hands-on courses.

He uses the microscope for all dental procedures – Root canal treatments, fillings, restoring teeth, crown/ bridge preparation, Endodontic and Periodontal Microsurgeries, Cosmetic procedures, Implant placements etc. Most dentists who may be using the microscope usually use it only for endodontic purposes.