Oral Prophylaxis

CASE 1 - Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing

CASE 2 - Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing

CASE 3 - Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing

CASE 4 - Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing

Professional cleaning of teeth involves the removal of plaque, calculus and stains. We use microultrasonics for the same. Microultrasonics is the use of ultrasonic vibrations and water to remove calculus after which polishing is performed to give a smooth finish to the teeth. It’s healthier and more comfortable than a ‘scraper’.

Regular scaling
– Prevents tooth decay by removing plaque
– Prevents gum disease
– Removes stains and decreases susceptibility to caries and gum disease

Instructions are also given to the patient for observance of oral hygiene. We recommend cleaning of teeth or oral prophylaxis once in six months unless specified otherwise.