Pedodontic Treatment

Dental treatment of children – both the milk and permanent teeth.
Good healthy dentition as children provides good healthy dentition for life. A lot of people think that caring for milk teeth is not necessary. Carious milk teeth can also damage the permanent teeth.

The preventive aspect of dental treatment for kids involves periodic check ups, pit and fissure sealants, fluoridation of teeth, use of sports guard, habit breaking appliance and space maintainer.

The restorative part of treatment is fillings or restorations and root canal treatments (in milk and permanent teeth).

Early orthodontics for kids includes the use of myofunctional appliances e.g. Retruded chin can be corrected by a chin cap.

Milk or Baby teeth are essential for 3 reasons:
-Milk teeth hold the space for adult or permanent teeth. The care for these teeth starts even before they appear in the mouth.

All pregnant women and children above 1 year of age should see the dentist.
All pregnant women should consult a dentist during pregnancy and after delivery of the baby for oral health issues of the infant and mother. Parents are advised proper care of teeth for all ages

Case 1

Repair of Fractured Anterior tooth

Case 2

Avulsion of Primary teeth

Case 3 - Case Of pedodontics - Preventive