Immediate Implant Placement

Sometimes, implants can be placed in the fresh wound immediately after tooth removal. The tooth or root is carefully removed in such a way so as to preserve the alveolar bone socket. Such extractions are done under the microscope and with the aid of special instruments. To give support to the implant, bone graft mixed with PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) is placed in the socket around the implant.

CASE 1 - Immediate implant placement after extraction of teeth - Multiple implants

The advantages of immediate implant placement

– Time saved – Waiting period of the healing is negated as the implant is placed in the fresh wound

– One surgery is reduced

– Tissue considerations

– Autologous (patient?s own bone) alveolar bone is preserved via careful surgical extraction of tooth and then used for the osseointegration of the new implant placed

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